Zara Shahjahan



The timeless elegance of a traditional Parsi ghara is undeniable. Embroidered to life with photorealistic precision, the Gara kurta is a unique member in the exhaustive variety of crafts found in South Asia.
This year we pair it with a soft silk duppatta in a contrasting colour and block prints on the border.

Paste Printed Silk Dupatta 2.65 Yards
Embroidered Self-Jacquard Front Center Panel & Back 1.7 Yards Embroidered Self-Jacquard Front Right Panel 0.35 Yard Embroidered Self-Jacquard Front Left Panel 0.35 Yard Embroidered Self-Jacquard Sleeves 0.7 Yard
Embroidered Organza Neckline 1 Pc
Embroidered Organza Shirt Border-(1) 2.5 Yards
Embroidered Organza Shirt Border-(2) 5 Yards Yards
Dyed Cambric Trouser 2.15 Yards


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