Color: Lilac

Details of Fabric:

  • Embroidered Shirt Front Center Panel (Lawn) – 1Pcs 
  • Embroidered Front Right Panel (Lawn) – 2Pcs 
  • Embroidered Front Left Panel (Lawn) – 2Pcs 
  • Embroidered Shirt Back (Lawn) – 0.8 Meters 
  • Embroidered Sleeves (Lawn) – 2Pcs 
  • Embroidered Front & Back Border (Organza) – 1.5 Meters 
  • Embroidered Sleeves Border (Organza) – 1.15 Meters 
  • Printed Chiffon Dupatta – 2.5 Meters 
  • Trousers (Cambric) – 2.5 Meters 

Product Description:
An incandescent, richly embroidered design features delicate yet elaborate embroideries in shades of purple, Laguna ice blue and ivory laid stitch by stitch on a delicate lilac canvas layered with anglaise pattern. The shirt is accompanied by intricate borders with embroideries creating an exuberance of luxury. Paired with a diaphanous, fully embroidered chiffon dupatta and culottes, this mesmerising design will help to curate a look that has all the right to ensure you keep your cool during the hot and steamy summer days.

Shipping time: 27 Working Days.


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