ZENEL (EL24-08 B)


Introducing 'Zenel', a vision of timeless elegance crafted on soft yellow canvases, adorned with exquisite embroideries in shades of ivory, pink, sage, moss, yellow, and periwinkle. This captivating ensemble epitomizes sophistication, with intricate detailing and a harmonious color palette that exudes refinement. Paired with a gossamer dupatta boasting delicate embroidered accents, 'Zenel' promises to elevate your summer wardrobe with its ethereal charm and versatile appeal. Embrace the allure of this meticulously curated design, destined to captivate hearts and turn heads wherever you go, making every moment a masterpiece of style and grace.

ZENEL (EL24-08 B) - 3 Pc - Unstitched


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