NEZIHA (EL24-05 A)


Immerse yourself in the celestial elegance of 'Neziha', where a blissful ivory canvas serves as the backdrop for delicate floral embroideries in an array of enchanting hues. From shades of yellow and pink to sage, moss, and lavender, each blossom breathes life into the ensemble, creating a tapestry of ethereal beauty. Adding to its allure, borders adorned with finely detailed embroidery in dreamy hues enhance the versatility of the design, offering endless styling possibilities for trousers or shirt. Paired with a diaphanous organza dupatta featuring a checkered pattern and an embroidered festoon of dainty flora on all four sides, 'Neziha' exudes easy, understated glamour, making it the perfect choice for summer iftar soirées.

NEZIHA (EL24-05 A) - 3 Pc - Unstitched


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