ZENEL (EL24-08 A)


Like an enchanted garden, 'Zenel' unfolds on a captivating lavender canvas, where delicate flora gracefully sprawl, revealing hints of ivory, salmon, sage, and periwinkle in harmonious symphony. The intricate embroidery, woven with silk threads, creates a breathtaking composition that evokes the tranquility of a secret oasis. The elaborate dupatta, crafted from soft, diaphanous organza, features exquisitely embroidered borders adorned with a detailed garland of swirling florets, reminiscent of a fairytale garden in full bloom. A true masterpiece of artistic expression, it infuses this statement-making ensemble with an irresistible allure, adding an extra layer of sophistication and charm.

ZENEL (EL24-08 A) - 3 Pc - Unstitched


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